The world as we know it has changed forever. Don’t get caught unprotected...

Large Call to Own the Highest Grade Nanofiber Filtration Face Mask that People Everywhere are Calling “Better than N95!” Action Headline

The spread of the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus caused a rampant FREE-FOR-ALL on personal protective gear and masks. Don’t be caught unaware! Protect yourself and your loved ones! 

Large Call to Own the Highest Grade Nanofiber Filtration Face Mask that People Everywhere are Calling “Better than N95!” Action Headline

The spread of the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus caused a rampant FREE-FOR-ALL on personal protective gear and masks. Don’t be caught unaware! Protect yourself and your loved ones! 

STOP Using One-Time, Flimsy, Poor-Fitting Facemasks and Discover the Clean, Green, Safe Alternative!

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 completely uprooted our way of life. With new requirements and regulations, things like social distancing and flattening the curve became part of our vocabulary.

As soon as the ensuing shock of reality settled in, people everywhere started hoarding hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and perhaps the most important piece of 
protective clothing of all -- masks.

I’m sure you can remember the situation being so dire, that people started making cloth masks and donating them to first responders, clinics and hospitals.
But while cloth masks offer some level of protection, their fibers simply aren’t small to filter out the viral microbes of COVID-19 and other potentially lethal viruses.

Not only that, but with so many people wearing plain old paper-thin surgical masks and flimsy gloves...

They created even more potential disease vectors for the spread of contaminants

Everything they touched, every time they coughed or sneezed or even breathed, germs would plant themselves on these masks, and then the masks would inevitably be thrown in the trash (or even fall out onto the street and clog up storm drains.

That led me to ask…

Why hasn’t something better been created yet to tackle the spread of this pandemic?

We already have hospital-grade air purifiers that help circulate air and prevent the spread of viruses, so I thought, why couldn’t something like this be created for face masks as well?

It didn’t take me long to brainstorm a basic idea, but then I discovered the things that stood in the way of previous iterations of a sort of ‘portable, wearable air filtration system.’

There were definitely obstacles to be overcome, but I knew that in creating such a mask, the benefits would outweigh the drawbacks.

If I Wanted to Create a Next-Generation Face, I Knew It Had to Have Three Key Components:  


The biggest complaint I heard from people is that their mask was ill-fitting. It was either too tight and wouldn’t +stay looped around their ears, or it was too loose and practically fell off of their face.

If I wanted to create the best mask, it had to be ergonomic -- form-fitting, but breathable, even wearable for long periods of time. It had to let in fresh, filtered air and be comfortable even in the heat, or when playing sports.


That was the whole point. It had to filter over 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses effortlessly.

We’re talking about HEPA-style filters where NOTHING gets in, and if it does, it gets trapped and caught. Not only that, but the mask should contain an antimicrobial section that neutralizes whatever tiny particles do get in, so that you stay safe.
Beyond that, it had to stay fresh and keep air circulating. Nobody wants to breathe in hot “pre-breathed” air, which is why most masks are so uncomfortable and practically unwearable.

In keeping fresh air circulating, it would also eliminate the most common issue that glasses-wearers have of having their lenses fog up every time they wear a mask!

And last, but certainly not least...

( Hint: This is where most masks fail!)

You have to admit, that’s a tall order to fill. Usually, most masks have a couple features, but not all three.

In other words: 
  • They’re reusable and comfortable, but they don’t keep out viruses and bacteria
  • They keep out viruses and bacteria and are reusable but they’re not comfortable OR
  • They keep out viruses and are comfortable, but you have to throw them away after just one use (like N95 masks!)

I Knew that If I Could Build a Better Facemask, That I’d Not Only Be Helping Others, but Helping the Planet as Well

I spent hundreds of hours trying out different materials (and hey, we were in quarantine, so it’s not like I had a ton of things demanding my attention!)

And eventually I hit upon the perfect combination…

The PERFECT Combination of Fit + Comfort + Filtration + Breathability in One Mask

… No more worrying if you’re doing enough to protect yourself and others.

 … No more struggling to see because your glasses are fogged up AGAIN

… No more struggling and fussing with masks that don’t fit well and exposing yourself to all the viruses, germs and bacteria out there.
I’ve created the PERFECT portable mask and filtration system that you’ll actually look forward to using!

This Mask is PERFECT if... 

  • You hate that gross “gym sock” feeling you have when wearing an ordinary face mask -- with all the extra moisture, heat and stuffiness
  • You have small children and it’s hard to wrangle a regular face mask onto them (or they simply refuse to wear one).
  • You hate the feeling of moisture and condensation building up around your mask and fogging up your glasses.
  • ​You play sports, or are otherwise highly active and feel like you can’t breathe well in an ordinary mask
  • ​You can’t get the most protective masks out there, and you know that paper and cloth masks don’t filter out the coronavirus

The iMune™ Smart Nanofiber Electric Shield is the Next Evolution in Personal Protective Gear Against the Pandemic! 

I’ve created the highest quality combination particulate air purifier and filtration mask in one to safeguard you and your family quickly, easily, affordably and efficiently

People Love the iMune™ Smart Nanofiber Electric Shield, Because It’s So Much More than a Face Mask! 

 We did a huge amount of research and research on masks. These masks are by far the best option right now for protection. These exceed N95 ratings. They are exceptionally comfortable and easy to use. The powered intake exceeds my expectations as does the overall quality of these masks. Our original order was 4 masks and an additional 30 filters. We are now planning on getting more for family to use. We are difficult customers due to expectations- but this product exceeded all of our expectations.   

Bravo - Ken W.

In my country, disposable medical masks and n95 masks have not been bought. The epidemic situation is serious, so I chose an electric mask. The logistics speed is very fast. It took me 5 days to send to my home. Very good protection effect. I bought a lot of filter elements and I can use them for a few months. I really hope that the epidemic will pass  


Imagine Going About Your Daily Routine, Safe and Secure in the Knowledge that You and Your Family are Being Protected and Shielded from COVID and Other Viruses

No more wondering if your kids are safe when they go to school.

 No more dealing with hot, ineffective, poor quality masks when working out

No more worries if you’re doing enough to shield your loved ones from catching the virus.

Are YOU Ready to Give Yourself and Your Loved Ones the Protection They Need and Deserve? 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Order the iMune™ Smart Nanofiber Electric Shield :

The mask itself - a compact, portable design made of the highest quality silicone so it’s easy to clean and care for. (A $79 value). Each reusable masks comes with individual Class 5 Super Composite filters which combine:

- High density fiber filtration
- Crystalline activated carbon
- HEPA H11 Medical-grade filter
- PP Cotton sterilization filter

Into one complete, comfortable and easy-to-wear mask. So light, you’ll barely know you have it on!  
FIVE individual filters that are easily inserted into the mask. One filter lasts anywhere from 7-21 days. We sell additional filters, so be sure to stock up and keep yourself and your loved ones safe! 

These filters are designed to capture and trap ultra-fine particles, including the virus that causes COVID 19. According to a NASA study, HEPA filters are one of the most efficient and effective ways to catch these viruses and prevent them from spreading!

You’ll also get a set of filter covers to prevent your extra filters from coming into contact with contaminants before you use them! ($150 value!)
Headband and ear band - wear your mask the way you want and the way that feels most comfortable to you! Our sturdy, elastic head and ear bands are designed to maximize comfort while giving you the flexibility to wear your mask, your way. ($30 value!) 
Charging cable to keep your mask fully charged anytime, anywhere. Part of the mechanism that makes the iMune™ Smart Nanofiber Electric Shield so effective is its built-in fan system, which effectively circulates air and ensures that you have up to a gallon of fresh, purified air to breathe each and every second! (A $100 value!) 

The kit also comes with an anti-dust bag to help keep everything clean and in the best possible condition, plus a user manual on how to get the best results with your new face masks.

The kit also comes with an anti-dust bag to help keep everything clean and in the best possible condition, plus a user manual on how to get the best results with your new face masks.

But you won’t be paying ANYWHERE near that...

For a very limited time, you can order 

The iMune™ Smart Nanofiber Electric Shield for just

Reg. $199.95
ONLY $49.95!

You Really Only Have 3 Options...

You could leave this page. But continuing to rely on cloth or ultra-thin paper face masks puts your family at a much higher risk. Even if you don’t have symptoms, you could still be a carrier - and so could the people around you. Don’t risk it! 

You could simply buy a pack of N95 masks… if you can even find them. People who have managed to secure N95 masks are charging exorbitant amounts of money for them -- and N95 masks don’t offer you the benefit of continuously circulating air, nor are they good for the environment. You have to dispose of it every time you go out -- which is bad for your wallet and bad for the environment (as well as your individual comfort!) 

You can decide RIGHT NOW that you and your family deserve better. You deserve cleaner, greener, more efficient, high-tech masks that solve so many of the problems that we face in the “new normal” world. 

The choice is yours…

Give yourself and your loved ones the protection they deserve

YES! I Want to Order the iMune™ Smart Nanofiber Electric Shield!

The More You Buy,The More You Save!

Buy 2 for


 each (8% off!)

Buy 3 for


 each (10% off!)

Buy 4 for


 each (13% off!)

Buy 5 for


 each (15% off!)


Will this mask fit my child? 
We also sell masks sized appropriately for children. Please specify during checkout if you would like to purchase an adult or child mask (or both ) 
How long do the filters last? 
This depends on the area in which you use them. In a medical or hospital setting, we’d recommend changing them once a week. In a more open setting, they can last up to 28 days. 
Where can I buy more filters? 
We sell filters in 5-packs on our website. Like with masks, the more filters you buy, the more you save! 
Do you have a money back guarantee? 
We want you to be completely delighted with your purchase, which is why we guarantee our product against defects in construction and workmanship for a period of 90 days after your order. 
What if this doesn’t help me?
I guarantee your success. I will support you as long as you are following my guidance until you make your full investment back.
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