In The Time It Takes You To Read This Page… A Veteran Will Take Their Life

Discover How You Can Become A Part Of The Solution To A Problem That’s Plaguing Veterans And Their Families 

Learn What We Can Do To Repay The Debt We Have To Our Veterans

Discover How You Can Become A Part Of The Solution To A Problem That’s Plaguing Veterans And Their Families 

Learn What We Can Do To Repay The Debt We Have To Our Veterans

More Than 60,000 Veterans Committed Suicide Over The Last 10 Years

An average of twenty-two current or former members of the military commit suicide each day. That's nearly one life taken every 65 minutes.

In the United States, an average of 123 people commit suicide each day. That means that 16% of all suicides in the United States are committed by military veterans.

However, only 7% of the American population are veterans. This means that veterans commit suicide at a rate of more than twice that of the rest of the population.

Discover Why We Lose One Veteran To Suicide Every Hour

Dear Friends,
My name is Roy L. Gibson, President and Founder of the Military Benefit Foundation. I understand the plight of our veterans because I’m a veteran myself. I served in the United States Air Force (USAF) from 1976-1996.

After 40 years of working for my family and me, I’ve decided to put my effort and time to help solve a serious problem.

Here’s What Our Veterans Need Right Now

With your support, I am confident we can provide deep and life-changing solutions to suffering military families. Please consider what you can do to support this mission and contact me for a personal discussion.

Veteran Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention is proactive. Potential cases must be identified and treated before a casualty occurs. It requires a robust and pervasive educational process for both the care providers and the prospective victims.

There are many Department of Defense (DOD), Veterans Affairs (VA) and Veteran Services Organization (VSO) sources of support for this cause, but our veterans are still not getting the help they need.

The Military Benefit Foundation will act as a facilitator, working within the community to provide additional resources when other support channels are closed or insufficient.

Assistance for Families of Veteran Suicide

Families whose military member served but did not retire from the military receive limited after-service benefits. Veteran Services Organizations (VSO) have established support to meet a variety of the needs for our Veterans who did not retire and are ineligible for traditional government support.

Military Benefit Foundation works with those VSO’s to provide financial and in-kind assistance to families of military veterans who have committed suicide. In the case of veterans who served, but did not retire, too often the Veteran’s family is left without a family income, no savings, little-to-no health care and will struggle to maintain life’s necessities with the passing of the Veteran.
  • Counseling for family members
  • Burial costs if no insurance is available
  • Future health care costs
  • ​Housing and subsistence
  • Educational costs for children
  • ​Transportation
  • Stipend to support immediately after the suicide event

Here’s What Veterans And Their Families Are Saying…

This emergency fund will assist me with my rent. All of my savings are now exhausted. If my rent is paid with this emergency fund my two kids and I will have some peace of mind knowing that we still have more time to live out this disaster.

I am the spouse of a deployed National Guard member. He is currently deployed in Germany. I am a travel specialist and due to COVID, I have lost all commissions and future travels for clients. I have no money coming in and have lost all future sales.     

I was let go from my job as a legal assistant. I have worked there 5 YEARS! I have 2 children. I do not receive any child support. We need this grant to pay our rent.     

Husband laid off from his job. He is the primary earner. We’re losing $3400 a month and really struggling.     

Due to shut down there has been no drill. I am sole supporter of my family and have shut off notices for several bills I cannot pay.     

Imagine The Pain Veterans And Their Families Must Feel...

I’m astounded and saddened that so many of our veterans, young and old, are dying by suicide.

I can’t imagine anything worse than losing all hope and contemplating self-destruction.

The pain and hardship for these military heroes and their families is tremendous.

Are YOU Ready To Help Our Veterans In Need?

With Your Support I’m Confident We Can Make A Difference.

Donate Today And Help Us Stabilize Our Veterans And Their Families

Get A Tax Deductible Receipt With Every Donation

The Military Benefit Foundation is a registered nonprofit entity, and we’re able to offer all our
donors receipts of donation - that they can use to receive a tax deduction for making a
charitable donation.

Every donation is greatly appreciated.

YES! I Want To Help Our Veterans Get the Assistance They Deserve!
How Can I Be Sure My Donation Will Go To The Right Place?

The Military Benefit Foundation has been awarded the Guidestar Bronze seal of approval for transparency and is verified Veteran Owned Business.
But we go further than that....

In 2020 100% of donations to MBF went to veteran programs, and 0% went to operating costs.

As we grow, this won’t always be possible - as we’ll need more administracion to make sure we’re as efficient as possible in helping those who are most in need.

However we are committed to avoiding the pitfall that many nonprofits fall into - forgetting what our mission is and spending more and more on sustaining our operations than helping those in need.

Now You Have 2 Options...

You could leave this page. But after what you’ve learned about what our veterans and their families are going through...I’d be surprised if you did that.
You can decide RIGHT NOW that you want to be a part of the solution to this problem. In the next few years we plan to help over 600 military families
The choice is yours…
YES! I Want To Help Our Veterans!

About Us

Military Benefit Foundation (MBF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we are honored
to assist military families in the following ways:
  • Veteran Suicide Prevention
  • Assistance for Families of Veteran Suicides
  • Veteran Employment Assistance​
Over the next three years, we will help 600 veterans and families because of YOUR support
and generosity. We welcome you to join us on this mission to serve those who have served

Let’s Stabilize Our Veterans And Their Families

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