Attention! No. 1 Harmful Weight Loss Myth Busted

Discover How You Can Quickly Burn Stubborn Fat  With A Little Known “Bio-Hacking” Method... 

Without Sacrificing Your Already Scarce Time, Going On Fad Diets, And Giving Up The Food You Love

Discover How You Can Quickly Burn Stubborn Fat  With A Little Known “Bio-Hacking” Method... 

Without Sacrificing Your Already Scarce Time, Going On Fad Diets, And Giving Up The Food You Love

The Science Is In:
 Majority Of High Achievers Struggle With Excess Weight

Successful, driven people, such as executives, business owners, and highly-paid professionals understand that they should be leading balanced, healthy lives.

However, many high-achievers find it hard to focus on their health and fitness, spending all their energy on their work. In fact, according to a Hope College study, more than 60% of top CEOs are overweight.

I know, I was shocked to see this study as well. In theory, you, as a successful person, should have the willpower to lose weight easily, right? And yet it’s not happening.
I’m sure you have good stretches, where you’re eating right, exercising every day, and your productivity is sky-high to boot. But then something happens. You have a stress-filled day, there’s a crisis at work, you end up staying in the office all night... and you start to feel overwhelmed. You lose control, and binge on comfort food. You stop working out until issues at work “quiet down”. And you end up where you started - miserable, unproductive, and without drive.

Well, I want to tell you that it’s not your fault. 

(And, don’t worry, I’m about to explain exactly how you can change this). 

What Most People Don’t Understand About Weight Loss...

Hi, my name is Dr. Luke McCabe, and I’m a health, performance, and longevity coach and an ultra-marathon athlete. I’m also a former international rugby player and an ex-bodybuilder.

It may sound like I’m an active, energetic person. And I am, at least today.

However, that wasn’t always the case. When I was younger, I suffered a catastrophic spinal injury playing rugby. It was so bad, my doctor informed me I'd never play any sports ever again. This was my whole life, everything I loved doing...and it was gone in a flash.
I was depressed, I lost all my motivation, and I started moping around, feeling sorry for myself. I even gained 70 pounds rapidly. It was the lowest point of my life.

And then, something incredible happened. A family friend who was a chiropractic sports medicine doctor showed me something that was different. Something that no other doctor ever told me about.

I Discovered A Method That Allowed Me To Go From Being Overweight And Barely Able To Walk To Competing In The World’s Toughest Race

What I had learned allowed me to go from depressed, overweight, and in constant pain to competing in an ultra-marathon through the jungles of Costa Rica in just six months.

Here’s the scoop:

Most people think that a healthy lifestyle and weight loss are purely a question of physicality. You eat better, you exercise and you lose weight. Simple, right? Unfortunately, for most people struggling with weight loss that’s not how it works. The fact is...

You see, what the family friend taught me was called… Total Human Optimization. It’s a method that relies on working on your Body, Mind, and Soul to achieve incredible fitness results and supercharge weight loss.

It’s based on what I like to call the 3 BIG SECRETS of rapid weight loss: 

Secret #1 - Efficiency Beats Effort

Now, I know you’re used to diets that restrict you from eating tasty food and exercise plans that force you to sacrifice hours in the gym every day. For the most part, this is BS. Excessive workouts and strict diets usually don’t work, because they replace efficiency with effort.

What you need to focus on is having an exercise and nutrition plan that’s designed to work with your lifestyle and that is fully sustainable. Efficiency beats effort, and knowledge beats ignorance.

Secret #2 - It’s (Mostly) In Your Head

Now I don’t mean that you can burn off excess pounds just by thinking. But simply focusing on physical aspects of weight loss, without developing the right mental approach will spell disaster for your fitness efforts.

You’ll need to develop the right habit-formation processes and mentality, or you’ll just end-up yo-yoing back to your old weight. Or even worse, you’ll never lose any pounds as you get fed up with diets and gym. 

Secret #3 - Don’t Neglect the Spirit

This might sound like it’s out there, and it is. Belief and spirituality can be powerful factors in your weight loss journey. There’s a lot of science out there showing that feeling at peace and being grateful for the life that you have will affect your body.

If you’re able to be at peace with yourself and keep your stress levels low, your body will burn more fat and you’ll be able to better motivate yourself to persevere with your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Understanding That You Need To Work On Your Body, Mind and Soul 
Will Transform Your Weight Loss Journey

I spent hundreds of hours studying and perfecting this process to figure out how to heal my body, lose the weight I had put on, and get back to my old, happy self.

And now, I want to share it with you...

The EXACT Step-By-Step Process to Balancing Your BMS (Body, Mind, Soul) For Weight Loss, Health, And Longevity... 
  • Without spending hours in the gym 
  • Without giving up all of your favorite, fun food
  • Without feeling overwhelmed, tired and without energy

This Is EXACTLY What You Need If... 

  • You’ve tried hundreds of restrictive diets, only to give up or gain all the weight back immediately
  • You’re constantly trying to lead a healthier lifestyle...but you keep losing momentum and relapsing
  • Your weight issues are making you miserable, unproductive and cranky
  • ​You just don’t have the time to spend hours and hours in the gym or prepping complicated meals

If You’ve Been Struggling To Lose Weight,
This is The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

I’ve created a program based on the Body, Mind, Soul Optimization concept that you can start implementing right away and start feeling the results in just 48 hours.

The Ultimate Fat Loss for High Achievers is a 3-part, step-by-step program where I will help you combine all aspects of health, fitness, and nutrition for ultimate fat loss and longevity.

The program encompasses cutting edge science and research blended with ancestral knowledge and is designed to create lifelong habits and equip you with the right knowledge and information to take your fat loss and health journey into your own hands.
It will allow you to have a lot more time in a day to spend with your family, friends, and loved ones by achieving your fitness goals in half the time.

There will be NO guesswork, just precision fitness and nutrition advice designed to strip your fat faster than ever. 

Imagine If You Could Finally Lose Weight, Feel Happier and More Fulfilled, Without Torturing Yourself 

No more stressing about how you’ll get there. No more ineffective exercises and impossible diets...

What if you could “hack your body” to finally start melting excess fat that you’ve been trying to get rid of for so long?

What if living a healthy lifestyle suddenly became... EASY and NATURAL?


You can start to see the results that you’ve been dreaming of for years start happening in as little as the next 48 hours... 
Are YOU Ready To Learn How to Successfully Transform 
Your Body, Mind, And Soul?

Here’s What You’ll Get In The The Ultimate Fat Loss For High Achievers 

The Mind Optimization Workbook ($397 VALUE)

This book will help you identify the nine harmful beliefs that stop you from attaining fat loss. It will also cover the EXACT strategies you can start implementing today to overcome them and form long term, weight-burning habits without disrupting your family and work life.

The Full Body Exercise Plan ($197 VALUE)

Designed to get you better results in a shorter time spent in the gym. This plan will help you optimize and supercharge fat loss, control blood sugar, maintain cardiovascular fitness, maximize muscle endurance and aerobic capacity, maintain ideal ratios of strength and muscle mass, maximize mitochondrial density, and, lastly optimize stamina.

The Perfect Nutrition Plan ($197 VALUE)

This plan will cover precision nutrition and explain how to adapt your eating according to biochemical and DNA testing, highlighting the mistakes in one size fits all regimes. It will also teach you fat loss acceleration with regards to gut biome, hormones, activity levels, and methylation.

The Supplement Plan ($47 VALUE)

We will highlight all the latest and greatest supplements that accelerate fat loss and enhance outcomes. Most of the supplements in this plan are not well-known outside of performance athletes and elite coaching circles.

Better Lifestyle Plan ($47 VALUE)

This will go through the detrimental effects our environment has on our fat loss and health  goals, and cover everything from EMF to blue light to Wifi to other toxicities.

Gadget Plan ($37 VALUE)

We will go through the premiere gadgets you can use to biohack faster fat loss and upgrade your health.

Soul Optimization Guidebook ($397 VALUE)

This book will cover how to approach relationships, love, and sex for improved weight loss. Please understand that this isn’t new-age, pseudo-science. Every single strategy and hack in this book are based on fascinating new scientific findings coming out on the power that belief and gratitude can have on the body. Having a balanced spiritual life has the power to enhance your body composition, decrease stress, improve the nervous system, and decrease inflammation, which all means better fat loss.


But you won’t be paying ANYWHERE near that...

For a very limited time, you can get access to

The Ultimate Fat Loss for High Achievers

Reg. $1,319

ONLY $97!

But Wait...There’s More! 

Get access to The Ultimate Fat Loss for High Achievers TODAY and get access to these incredible bonuses!

BONUS #1 DNA Biohacking Secrets for Accelerated Weight Loss ($249 VALUE) 

This bonus book contains cutting-edge science on how to hack your body into helping you burn fat. Some people are genetically predisposed to resist losing fat. We all have friends who eat what they want, never work out and still look great, right? With these strategies, you’ll be able to rewire your body to replicate the exact processes that lead to this effortlessness fitness. 

BONUS #2 Rapid fat loss with gut health ($49 VALUE) 

Gut health is an underrated aspect of weight loss. This bonus report will cover the quick and dirty secrets to ensuring that you aren’t negating all weight loss and progress by fostering a healthy gut flora

BONUS #3 Science of anti-ageing ($99 VALUE)

Everyone wants to look younger. For a long time, this was either a pipe dream, or required painful, and often ineffective surgery procedures. However, the science of youthfulness has come a long way. We will cover the foods, supplements, and bio-hacks that have been changing the way scientists view ageing. 

For a limited time, you can get full access to The Ultimate Fat Loss for High Achievers  for just... 

Reg. $1716

ONLY $97!

YES! I Want To Start Burning Fat With The Ultimate Fat Loss for High Achievers!!

You Really Only Have 3 Options...

You could simply leave this page. But after what you’ve learned about how weight loss ACTUALLY works...I’d be surprised if you did that. Why continue down the same path that has let you down so many times? Most people spend their whole lives going from one fad diet to the other, taking unhealthy weight loss pills or just feeling unattractive, unproductive, and depressed. 
You could take what you’ve learned here, and do a Google search and find a bunch of articles, videos in an attempt to piece together your own Total Body Optimization Stuff. You’d be wasting a lot of time, and there’s just not a lot of people out there who GET this.  
You can decide RIGHT NOW that it’s time for a real, meaningful change. Become a part of The Ultimate Fat Loss for High Achievers community, and unlock your weight loss dreams today. You could change your whole life with this ONE decision...
The choice is yours…
Start Burning Fat With The Ultimate Fat Loss for High Achievers!!


Yes! In fact, the reason you haven’t seen consistent results is that most methods out there ignore two-thirds of the problem! They focus on restricting your calories or getting you to exercise more efficiently - without addressing the manifold nature of humans. The WLW is 3 fold. You’ll learn how to transform your body. How to build a strong mentality that will take you through this journey. And lastly, you’ll learn how to strengthen your soul and keep unhappiness away. 
Absolutely. You’ll start feeling more resolved, stronger, and less bloated as soon as you start the program! Understandably, the more weight you have to lose, the more time it will take to reach your goals. However, this program will allow you to lose weight as fast as is medically responsible. 
Yes! The program is designed for successful people who don’t have a lot of time to spare. As you progress through the lessons you’ll become more productive, and will be able to reclaim more and more of your day for yourself. Your resolve will strengthen, and with all the extra time you’ll be able to focus on your body even more! 
You’ll receive lifetime access to all of the materials you’ll need. I want you to be able to better yourself constantly and make lasting changes for a lifetime.
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