Attention: Tennis Players Over The Age Of 55+..

65+ Year-Old Former Army Tennis Champion Discovers A Secret System To Winning Matches Under Pressure!

Without hitting thousands of balls, many hours spent improving your technique and being ‘mentally tough’

Finally An Easy Way To Win More Matches And Not Get Choked Up At Game, Set Or Match Points.

Do you think tennis is an easy game?

Mark Jeffery does...and for the last few years he’s been proving it, using a single secret that allowed him to LOVE playing ‘pressure packed’ matches and WINNING.

What's more, he’s gone around the world training players in the T.R.U.S.T system for all ages and abilities to QUICKLY start winning more matches against their peers

It’s a fascinating story worth finding out about, if you love tennis.
Mark, you see, is now pushing 65+, easily winning more matches than before his amazing personal transformation!

Having gone through the same pains of being so close yet so far from winning big points…

Mark has found the BEST way to step up and raise anyone’s game… even when you think your glory days are over! 

So If you’re tired of losing to players you know you could’ve beaten… 
Or, simply frustrated with spending countless hours drilling and practicing, only to choke up during the real game then… 

Today is the day to recreate yourself and become the BIG POINT PLAYER you were meant to be.

NO MORE heartaches from losing matches you know you were sure to win…  

NO MORE self-doubt and never moving forward …  

NO MORE feeling like you’ll always be just one point away…  

Mark’s got THE QUICKEST, SIMPLEST and BEST SOLUTION to turn you into the WINNER you ought to be. 
Hi, My name is Mark Jeffery.

I am a former British Army Tennis Champion, Founder of the Big Point Player Training, and coach to tennis players from around the world to achieve their secretly held ambitions. 

While my past experience and achievements helped to mould me to become a competitive and successful tennis player… 

Let me tell you… 

I wasn’t a Match Winner, A Closing Out specialist, until a few years ago.  

I mean, I’ve been in love with the game and doing my best on the court since I was 4… 

I reached a point in my career where I played year in, year out, against the very best that the Navy and RAF could offer at the coliseum of tennis, on the grass courts of… 

I would win big matches… but I would LOSE big matches too.

But there was this ONE particular match at Wimbledon…

That hit me with the truth…

That my wins were only a combination of luck and doing my best… never because I was trained to be at my best.

At the end of that match, hearing the umpire call out my opponent’s name after I had fumbled two match points was excruciating to hear…

I was ONE POINT away from victory and this painful experience would haunt me for DECADES.

But that nightmare led me to remember my former Staff Sergeant yelling at me:


These words transformed the way I saw tennis and if military training could change ordinary citizens into extraordinary people when the PRESSURE of getting out alive kicks in…

... Then why couldn’t tennis have a type of training you could TRUST and automatically switch on your WINNING instinct?

NO ONE was teaching tennis players how to win those BIG POINTS under tight pressure!

And I never realized this until that horrible loss.

What had been a nightmare turned into a stepping stone as I started seeking answers in the places that learned how to use PRESSURE to WIN battles, even battles on the tennis court.

It took a while to put everything together…

Yet it led me to have a versatile and dedicated pool of experts which include military training and Special Forces experts, internationally acclaimed tennis coaches, clinical sports psychologists, neuroscientists, Personal Transformation Results Mastery experts and a Kung Fu Master, advising me on how to remain sharp even under pressurised combat.

After years of searching, formulating, and development, this foolproof training method was born.

And I immediately put it to the test with my students.

The results? AMAZING.

In 30 days or less, they overcame obstacles in their whole tennis careers which they thought would haunt them forever.

They started winning BIG POINTS and BIG MATCHES.

Bottom line? My students started WINNING.

And YOU can, too.

It’s never too late, just look at me!

Your age and level won’t matter…

If you learn to TRUST, and the training you’ll get from me will teach you everything there is to start having a joyful tennis life like me and so many of my students out there!

Since Covid, this already successful training system, giving tennis players just like you breakthroughs in their match winning games that have eluded them for years, decades, all their lives (!) has been pulled apart, dissected, put back together again.

This system is now the nearest thing to a LIVE experience but delivered Online.

This Unspoken Secret Is What’s Keeping You From Winning Matches!

Tennis gets you so frustrated, you start hearing whispers from the back of your head that tell you you’re not good enough.

You’ve been practicing rallying, forehands and backhands for hundreds of hours, hitting thousands and thousands of tennis balls, but still end up being ONE POINT away from victory.  

The most exasperating part?  

You get distracted and nervous when you’re so close to winning. 
You overthink and over-analyse -- and you end up the loser!

All of this happens because you’ve never been taught how to win the game within the game in tennis. 

You’re so distracted thinking about the outcome that you forget to give 100% in the PRESENT. 
Once your brain goes haywire during an important part of a match, you can’t keep up and you start to commit errors that you’ll never be able to take back!

Your perfect play during practice will never translate into winning BIG POINTS when you’re not able to protect yourself from your mind racing in a mechanical and clunky fashion. 

Many of my students went through the same… 

I searched for answers and compared everyone’s experiences to see what we had in common on why it kept all of us stuck to where we were, never becoming the best.
And it all came back to WINNING THE GAME IN THE GAME.

It all came down to our mindset, we were NEVER taught what pressure really is and why it invades every inch of our mind, heart, and soul.  
And then if you didn’t train evidence based, proven tactics and your ability to execute those tactics under SIMULATED PRESSURE, you wouldn’t know how to handle them and develop reactions that instinctively kick in.

This is where the BIG POINT PLAYER TRAINING comes in!

When you’re done with the whole program, you are guaranteed to have a WINNING GAME you can FULLY TRUST particularly under pressure.

Would You Rather Spend A Few Years To Get 10% Better And Still Lose Or Train For 10 Hours To Win More Big Points
And Win Big Matches?

Introducing the One Point Away Online Training Camp and the T.R.U.S.T System

During One Point Away the T.R.U.S.T system is one that any tennis player can follow to WIN Big points and Big matches!

It’s a PROVEN system designed for the person who wants to take their match game to the next level... you won't end up feeling miserable for dropping the ball and missing those shots…

Are YOU Ready To Win Big Points and Matches Under Pressure?

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside
The Thirty Day, One Point Away, Online Training Camp

With this program you will… 
  •  Develop your instinct on how to win big points and big matches even under pressure
  • Get access for 30 days to The One Point Away Online Training Camp
  •  Get access to 70+ training videos, exclusive interviews with global experts meshing tennis with military, spiritual, and personal transformations
  • Join an exclusive Whatsapp Community to film and transfer your videos of executing the weekly tactic
  •  Get exclusive access to a weekly LIVE webinar with Mark Jeffery and Robert Carlbo Head Tennis Coach
  •  A COMPLETE Singles Training Manual with patterns of play and drills OR A Doubles Training Manual with the One Key Principle. Two Strategies. Three Tactics. Four Roles and Accountabilities inclusive of targets, movement patterns and one-two shot combinations.
  • ​AND after The Thirty Day One Point Away Online Training Camp officially finishes, WE DON’T.  There is a web class 30 days after One Point Away finishes to ensure you are training the new regime.
  • ​But also, as it takes 60 days to create and build new neuro-pathways (myelin) there is a final web class.
But wait, there’s more!

Once you register for this program, you also get… 
  • Access to my Back Room Team of world class (Big Point Player) Fitness; Nutrition experts and importantly our Injury prevention + Rehab after Operation expert.  
    It’s the same type of team that The ATP and WTA have in their corner except that we are in your corner training you in every aspect so you become the player you always knew you could and should be.

  • ​Never feel lonely on court again!

Here’s what my students have to say about The T.R.U.S.T System:

“My partner and I have won USA +45 silver and bronze balls between us in doubles, but we were novices in knowing what to do to play as a team to win matches. After two days of training, we have gone from a 2 out of 10 in understanding doubles strategy to an 8 out of 10. We will continue to hone the BPP processes to reach our tennis goals. Can't wait for the new season to start!”

-Teal Henderson

In week one of OPA I got my first ‘aha’ eureka moment breakthrough. I won the national championships +55 (for the first time) just one week later!  You have taught me a very simple system. I have used the exact same T.R.U.S.T to continually up my levels in ITF3, ITF2 and ITF level 1 tournaments.

-Dr Erin Boynton

Austin National Champs +55 ITF Level 2.  I am fit and technically very competent but a complete baby in terms of training how to win particularly under pressure. I am soaking it all up like a sponge.
 Have pages and pages of notes!  Thanks”

-Athene Cajas

“I am a very average club player (mid 40’s, 2.5, been playing tennis for just 3 years) and came onto Big Point Player with the main objective of beating my friend ‘the butcher’. I had never beaten him before and he always found a way to irritate me after my defeat.
Literally one week after the three day immersion I beat ‘the butcher’ 6-0 6-3. Simply amazing!   

In the first set my serve was unbelievable. In the second set I was leading 3-1 and then tightened up with the groundies going long, but using the training I got myself together and closed out.” 

-Will Fletcher

The Thirty Da, One Point Away, Online Training Camp Is For
Anyone Who Wants To...

  • Train the right attitude, privilege and joy of training for pressurized match situations for their own sake. Even if you don’t have a match or tournament lined up
  • Rewire their brain. Transform what you think, how you train, play matches FOREVER.
  • TAP their hidden potential and achieve their tennis ambitions… no matter your age or ability
  • Move up an ENTIRE LEVEL or even TWO
  • Be the go-to doubles partner even for those ranking above you
  • Experience the most EFFECTIVE and JOYFUL tennis in your life yet
  • Learn how to have perfect COMPOSURE and DETACHMENT even during the most nerve-wracking moments in a match
  • Throw away the ‘same old’ mindset and reframe your mindset to get BIG POINTS
  • Know that your best, most effective, most joyful tennis is ahead of you.

However, this program is not for you if…

  • You prefer to keep practicing the ‘same old same old’ for hundreds of hours rather than train a new system under pressure
  • Your ambition is limited to flattening the inevitable spiral of decline
  • You don’t see the point in investing more in a program that could help change your life on and off the court no matter how old you are or at what level you’re playing

I’ve Made It Simple To Get Started With The T.R.U.S.T System

On the other side of this page, you’ll get everything you need to get started right away.

You don’t need to wait.  

Everything you need to start your journey is in the membership area. 

The One Point Away System contains the most effective, easy to follow, and efficient exercises to get you to winning big points and more matches easily.. 

Are YOU Ready To Step Your Game Up
And Create A Winning Streak?

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside
The One Point Away
30 Day, Online Training Camp:

Win More Matches Training Videos ($997 VALUE) 

Inside this system you’ll get access to around 72 micro training videos that last 5-10 minutes each. You’ll discover inside each of them how to make breakthrough leaps towards improving your game.

Each training video, by itself, could be worth one – two points per set!
True. Our record proves it.   

Exclusive Interviews With World Experts ($997 VALUE)

Inside the member’s area you’ll find access to some of the BEST interviews that have never been released. These interviews include Military, Spiritual, Persona Transformation and Tennis World Experts. What you’ll learn within each interview could have a golden nugget that can change the trajectory of your tennis life forever!

EAccess to The Big Point Player, Back Room Experts  ($997 VALUE)

The team of experts that every serious match player needs to reach for and perform at their best. Now you can be just like the world’s best ATP and WTA players with your own expert support team. (Super Coach - Head Coach - Fitness - Injury prevention and rehab - Nutrition)

Exclusive WhatsApp Community ($997 VALUE)

You’ll be able to get added to our exclusive and private invite-only community on WhatsApp for cohesiveness and for filming your execution of the tactics so you can get analysis and feedback from the Head Coach (as though he was on court with you)  and improve your game 2x faster.

Weekly LIVE Webinar ($497 VALUE)

Plus, once-a-week, you’ll be invited to a private live coaching webinar where you will review the key points from each lesson and I’ll be able to personally answer any questions you have.

Singles Training Manual ($497 VALUE)

You’ll get access to even my BEST ever written singles training manual with all the patterns of play and drills. This ALONE can transform your tennis game and I’ve only shared it with One Point Away students who have gone on to have personal breakthroughs and Win More Matches.
But you won’t be paying ANYWHERE near that… 

For a very limited time, you can get access to 
The One Point Away System

Reg. $3,985

ONLY $397!

But Wait...There’s More! 

Get access to The One Point Away System TODAY and get access to this life-changing bonus!

Lessons From The Battlefield And The Tennis Court Applied to Life, Relationships, Business and Jobs, Inclusive of Interviews With Special Forces and SAS($997 VALUE) 
You’ll also get this EXCLUSIVE limited time only bonus when you order within the next few minutes... This will help put all the pieces of the puzzle together and ‘be’ a Big Point Player ON and OFF the court.


For a limited time you can get monthly access to the One Point Away, Thirty Days, Online Training Camp for just...

Reg. $4,982

ONLY $397!

YES! I Want To Start Winning More Matches In 30 Days!

You’re Covered By NO-RISK 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I KNOW the T.R.U.S.T System in the One Point Away, Online Training Camp,  is going to get you to win more matches...and I’m willing to “put my money where my mouth is” and PROVE it to you. Get access TODAY, and if, for ANY reason, you don’t love the system...get the ‘W’ results you want, then just let me know anytime in the first 30 days, and I’ll refund every dime you paid. No questions asked.
There’s absolutely ZERO risk when you sign up for The One Point Away, Online Training Camp
The risk is ALL on me and my team.

You Really Only Have 3 Options...

OPTION 1: You could leave this page. But after what you’ve just discovered about winning more tennis matches and big points...I’d be surprised if you make that choice. Besides, you will end up with the same disappointments, frustrations, and results.
OPTION 2: You could go off and try to piece together different training, material and exercises and go in blindly without knowing the exact process it takes to win BIG points and BIG mathes.
OPTION 3: You can decide RIGHT NOW that you want to start learning how you can actually win more big points and mathes and start using the T.R.U.S.T System to start winning TODAY. 
The choice is yours…

Winning more Tennis Matches and Winning BIG Points should be your BIGGEST priority... 

YES! Give Me Access to The One Point Away System   

  About Mark Jeffery

Mark Jeffery is a former British Army Tennis Champion, Founder of the Big Point Player Training and a proven track record of training amateur competitive players of all ages and abilities Just Like You to QUICKLY start playing the most effective and fun tennis of their lives.

He helps people to OVERCOME PRESSURE to start winning more games and enjoy tennis like never before.
His proven One Point Away system has been tested with students for over a decade. It is designed to help people achieve more “W”s than “L”s by mastering the one-of-a-kind T.R.U.S.T system so they can WIN BIG GAMES and BIG POINTS.

The One Point Away System is designed for tennis players to be able to start winning their dream games in JUST 30 Days.

With the help of Mark Jeffery and his step-by-step tennis training system ALL of the heavy lifting has been done for you. You just need to trust the process...and allow the training to automatically kick in and you’ll see results!

YES! Give Me Access to The One Point Away, 30 Day, Online Training Camp
Results and testimonials are for educational purposes only. Specific results not guaranteed or implied, your results will vary. This program can improve your skills when followed as directed and with ongoing practice.
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